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a commitment
to community

buwaya blessings participates in a sliding scale service-exchange designed to center communities access to ancestral medicine. a sliding scale exchange is a flexible payment tool that supports the studio and a variety of community members in different socioeconomic tiers.

participating in this method of service exchange is an opportunity to alleviate colonial barriers that have separated black and brown communities from ancestral medicine and healing.

buwaya blessings stands for collective healing in every realm. one approach used in the studio is a 3 tier payment model to recognize ones current access to financial resources and redistribute wealth when available.


to better understand your role towards a more equitable service between practioners and community scroll down determine your tier of exchange.

Image by Annie Spratt

pick some,
give some

a sliding scale analogy

you're invited to pick some flowers, to get an idea of how many you can give.

~loving reminder~

everyone deserves flowers for the time and energy put forth to living a life that no dollar amount could dissuade.

what's your highest level of education?

no formal educationHighschool Diploma / GEDA.A. / Professional CertificateB.A. / B.S.Masters or more

how many hours a week are you paid to work?

work hours

how much of your household income do you have access to?

income access
Image by bady abbas
Image by Xianyu hao

my financial status is a means to access resources in a capitalistic economy, it does not hold any value to my character or intention for the world.

i deserve to be financially stable and live a life that is rich and abundant in the ways capitalism can't provide.

regardless of my financial situation I deserve loving community, deep rest, tools for healing and joy.

financial affirmations

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