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intuitive tatu ceremony

we intuitively co-create your tatu with Spirit

  • 1 hour
  • 29th Street

Service Description

books open Tuesday Nov 28~~ if you are feeling called to experience divine surrender through tatu medicine, this offering is for you. this tattoo experience is lovingly crafted to support you and your sacred path. every intuitive tattoo is completely unique to you and your spirit. ~energy exchange~ $900 is the total minimum financial energetic exchange for a complete ceremony. This includes: ~ 1- 2 hr initial ceremony including dream journeying, reiki energetic assessment, and divine channeling of tatu design. you will receive notes after this session on messages and visions received. ~ 1 hour of altar creation, grounding meditation, and candle intention setting before tattooing + blessing and praying over the tatu after completion ~ 3 hours of handpoke tattooing ~ceremony description~ intuitive tatu ceremonies are separated into II phases. This grants the Heart space to speak its Truth. This also allows integration of medicine in between phases, while collectively slowing down from the capitalist-consumer rhythm of urgency. to best honor the medicine and intentions of handpoking the ceremony is phased as follows:: phase I:: ~reiki~ we hold a 1-2 hour initial reiki ceremony (virtual or in person). during this time, I will lead you through a guided meditation/dream journey and complete a reiki scan. i may channel benevolent ancestors, guides, or angels who have medicine to share. we use both of our findings from this session to craft a design unique for your journey and sacred path. **some other modalities we can explore during your initial reiki ceremony are breathwork, tarot/oracle reading, rice divination, dream interpretation, crystal healing, akashic record reading, and plant medicine phase II:: ~~tatu ceremony~~ the final ceremony will involve a 1 hour of pre-tattoo meditation, altar creation, candle intention setting, and at least 3 hours of handpoking. the ceremony time prior to tattooing will be priced at a hourly half rate. see below for more information on pricing structure. $200 will be asked after phase 1 to cover the reiki, design channeling, and cosmic energetic assessment. this is included in the minimum total $900 estimate.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel you must email me at prior to confirmed appointment

Contact Details

  • 2020 29th St, Sacramento, CA, USA

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