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Image by Landon Parenteau


buwaya blessings offers medicine for collective liberation in all realms. this studio strives to cultivate a safe, loving, and supportive container of healing. a space where folks are invited to play, grieve, reflect, and dream in ways that challenge the oppressive systems surrounding us. buwaya blessings continues to explore liberated models of exchange and centers community accessibility through sliding scale and raffling of free services to BIPOC kin. 

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jo is a 2nd-generation, queer, multi-disciplinary artist. their medicine is cultivated from physical and meta-physical realms and centers community accessibility as its mission.. guided by their intuition, spirit(s) and well intetions for this earthly realm they have and continue to support those in need of alignment and clarity. reconnected and strengthened by their ancestors revelation through buwaya (crocodile) jo carries their blessings into their craft. read more about the studios commitment to community.

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HANDS DOWN!!! This is going to be the most beautiful experience I am ever going to have when it comes to a tattoo adornment. there was so much trust openness, and connection when we both created this space. the energy was reciprocated and understood. y'all don't even know how much magick and intention was going on during each session. jo is the way to go!!! I mean she was a mother in that space who offered tender loving care. there was so much laughter that i am always going to  remember. thank you for this beautiful power piece. if y'all are reading this and you want to book an appointment, DO IT because you are not going to be disappointed. the transformation of each phase of my adornment was just.

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